The Music Abode makes it easy and fun to start and continue learning music. We offer piano, voice and guitar lessons for all ages in Orange County in your own home. Below, you will find descriptions of all musical levels to see what category best fits your needs. Using this information we can establish an affordable rate for your lessons. Finally, this information will be passed along to your new teacher so they can verbally discuss, understand, and make a time line for the goals of each student to hold them accountable.

In order for us to assign a teacher to you that will be the best match, we will need:

  • Your category (determined by using the information below)

  • Your student questionnaire to get know a little bit more about your musical goals and expectations.

Young beginners range in age as early as 3 to 8 years old. Lessons provided for young beginners are usually a 30 minute once a week lesson. Having a more frequent, shorter lesson helps retention, while longer lessons usually lose attention. For the very young ones, ages 3 to 4, music lessons are geared more toward a general understanding of all music, using pitch to play by ear, how to sight read common notes, and a basic understanding of rhythm. Ages 5 to 8 are taught the fundamentals of the desired instrument. Children who have previously taken lessons are taught review to ensure their understanding of all theory, technique and rhythm concepts.

Ages 11 and up fall into this category, and no age is too old to begin learning. At older ages, even beginners have some idea of rhythm concepts and pitch; they just haven’t yet been professionally taught to put their musical knowledge to use. A longer lesson is recommended for older kids and adults because unlike young children, older beginners have longer attention spans. A 45 to 60 minute lesson is recommended, either weekly or biweekly.

At this level, students have an understanding of all basic music fundamentals, basic chord progressions, basic rhythm, and should be able to quickly read commonly used notes. They are ready to start getting serious about their instrument . To get to the next level involves more practice and commitment then as a beginner. A weekly 30 to 45 minute lesson is needed for this student.

Intermediate students have a complete understanding of their instrument. They should easily be able to master most song choices and pieces. Also, they should now have the ability to practice their pieces with high concentration and with longer practice times; therefore, also being able to take on more challenging, advanced level pieces.

These students are on the verge of entering the advanced/professional levels with instrument. They can take on any musical challenge and have the ability to overcome it. They understand all theory concepts and can easily sight read all intermediate level pieces. They most likely are involved in one or more orchestra, symphony, choir, or band groups with a high level of performance.

At this level, the highest quality instruction is needed from teachers who are professionally involved in the music industry. Advanced students are high quality performers who play their instrument (or plan to) at a career level.

Tuition Rates

Our affordable pricing starts at:

  • $30 | 30 Minute Lesson

  • $40 | 45 Minute Lesson

  • $50 | 60 Minute Lesson

We also offer family discounts for multiple students in a household. Contact us today with no obligation to determine what instrument and lesson length you would like and we will find a teacher to accommodate your age, level, and specific needs.