Yes. Our instructors are qualified to teach all ages and levels starting from ages 3 and up.


After a few lessons assessing your child, we will be able to direct them toward the instrument that they are most comfortable with. In most cases, students start with the piano to learn theory and music fundamentals, which makes the transition easier toward other instruments that would require more finger dexterity (guitar) and music understanding (ear training, theory, for vocals).

In order to properly study your instrument, it is very important to practice in-between your lessons. We recommend if you don’t have a piano, to purchase a keyboard and later upgrade to a piano once the student is at a more advanced level.

Depending on age and level, if you do not already have a guitar, your instructor will provide you with information on what guitar size and brand will be the best fit for the student.

Yes. We do have some instructors who are members of MTAC. Our goal is to ensure we select the proper instructor to fit the needs of our students. Not all students are a good fit for the certificate of merit program, therefore we do not encourage our students to participate, but it is an option if we feel the student would benefit from participating in the program.


We complete background and reference checks on all of our instructors to ensure they have: teaching experience, and/or a music degree, open philosophies of teaching, ability to teach all types of students, and are background checked against local and federal systems.

You may find articles on some of our featured teachers in the “teacher feature” section of our blog. We do have other instructors that may be available at your time of enrollment, if you would like to view a bio on some of our other instructors, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Every student has their own learning curve; therefore, following your first lesson assessment, your instructor will recommend whether a 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson will be most beneficial.

You may find our lesson rates listed on our service page. From time to time we do offer different lesson package rates, please inquire if you are interested in other options at the time of your enrollment.

No. We do not charge any enrollment or cancellation fees.

No. We do not have our students sign any contracts to take lessons. We have a “student agreement” that lists our policies, but we like to remain flexible to maintain a positive relationship with our students.

We have multiple ways of handling missed lessons. Students who pay for 4 lessons monthly in advance occasionally need to miss a lesson. From time to time, these lessons fall on a day that has 5 lessons in a month, this extra lesson can be used to make-up a missed lesson. Or, your instructor will work with you to make-up your lesson on an alternative day. We also offer credits to those lessons that are unable to be made up by the instructor or student.

Depending on the circumstance, we do ask for a 24 hour notice if you do need to cancel. Our instructors spend time preparing for and reserving lesson time exclusively for you. If possible, please give enough notice to your instructor and we will do our best to accommodate a make-up lesson or lesson credit. (please also refer to the answer in the above question)

We accept most all forms of payment: Check, Paypal, all major Credit and Debit cards. We also have an auto-pay program you may choose to enroll in to keep it simple.

No. We do not charge additional fees to participate in our semi-annual recitals. We do request donations to help with recital costs, but they are not required. All family and friends are welcome to attend to support performers and do not need to purchase tickets.

Not always. Your instructor may choose to bring some supplies from their own library that will be borrowed, or they may ask you to purchase materials. You may either purchase lesson books at your local music store, or your instructor will purchase them for you and will in turn need reimbursement.