In addition or in lieu of private lessons, The Music Abode offers group singing, guitar and ukulele lessons for beginners. Learning through private one-on-one instruction gives your instructor the freedom to personalize your lessons based on your learning habits. Lessons in a group setting can help boost your skills by seeing the learning capabilities of your peers and growing together.

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Our guitar and songwriting is a course for early intermediate to advanced students looking to take their guitar skills to the next level while developing songwriting skills and collaborating with other musicians.

Guitar Ensemble is our unique group guitar class that personalizes to the goals of each student in attendance. This class is for ages 13 and up, beginning to intermediate levels.

The Ukulele is one of the happiest sounding instruments! Even if you strike an incorrect note/chord, it is still pleasant sounding. This being the case, it is also one of the least frustrating and simple instruments for a beginner. We also include the instrument with purchase of the 4 week course! The Makala Ukulele is a great uke to start with because of its quality wood and tuners, we want to ensure you don’t have additional frustrations when learning due to a poorly constructed instrument. The Ukulele is also a great instrument for little hands that aren’t quite ready for guitar. This beginning class is for all ages.

Singers 10 and up will work on songs as a group with some solo/duet/trio opportunities. In addition to learning new and strengthening individual singing and harmonizing techniques, students will learn performance movements and showmanship. Repertoire will include pop and some musical theatre songs as well. The six class session will conclude with a final performance to showcase the Glee Class students!

This is a great class for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students who are interested in expanding their vocal abilities and performance technique.